Dando continuidade ao projeto da planta IoT (Planta IoT com ESP8266 NodeMCU e Planta IoT com ESP8266 NodeMCU – Parte 2), agora chegamos à parte 3 do projeto: avisos de umidade de solo via MQTT. Agora, além de sua planta enviar dados de umidade do solo para o ThingSpeak e utilizar o Twitter, sua planta irá enviar esses mesmos dados através de MQTT ... Leia Mais »

Intelligent manufacturing takes plant operations to the next level of IoT

Imagine if a factory were “intelligent” enough to predict problems and offer solutions that can be implemented before downtime or issues actually occurred. At Hannover Messe this week, a number of companies are demonstrating how they use the Internet of Things (IoT) and other Microsoft technologies to do just that. As Suzanne Choney writes on the Transform blog, predictive technology ... Leia Mais »

Microsoft Azure IoT Edge – Extending cloud intelligence to edge devices

As the Internet of Things continues to accelerate and businesses realize the immense benefits, the next breakthrough capability we’re providing is to enable IoT devices themselves to evolve. In early IoT solutions, most IoT devices simply sent telemetry to and received commands from the cloud, with the logic that found insights in device telemetry residing in the cloud. As billions ... Leia Mais »